20 seconds of courage – August edition

One of the mindset quests part of Nerd Fitness Academy is “20 seconds of courage”. The quest calls for doing one thing you’ve always wanted to do but been too scared of doing. I quickly decided to create a larger goal out of this quest and do one new activity once a month for the next six months. The first quest was easy… Segway ride! I’ve thought about it so many times but always chickened out because my balance is crappy. Last week in the subway I saw an ad that they rented out Segways in Hagaparken in Stockholm and thought it was perfect timing. It’s a huge park around Haga Palace and I figured that would be better than renting one in town.

Today is my husband’s birthday and late yesterday we decided to do the Segway ride today.  Good as I didn’t have too much time to get nervous… 😉 We rented the Segway for one hour and headed out into the park. It was much easier to find the balance than I thought. Going downhill was the most scary as the Segway quickly got higher speed and it felt awkward to lean back to apply the breaks as I felt like I would fall backwards. The hour passed by too quickly and suddenly it was time to return it. I had a fantastic time though and will definitely do it again in the future.

The first of the six activities – Done! Ready for the next one, I think… 😉

Our Segways
The proof – me on the Segway! 🙂

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