Crawfish heaven

Right now we are in the season of eating crawfish here in Sweden. I love crawfish parties and I’m so eager to eat the first crawfish every year in the beginning of August. So far we’ve actually managed to have two crawfish parties already within the past 5 days. 🙂

The only disadvantages with crawfish is that I’m having huge issues trying to peel them. Depending on how hard they are I might manage a little but for some of them I just have to give up because my fingers will start hurting otherwise. Thankfully I have a loving hubby who don’t mind helping me peel so I can enjoy my craving for crawfish anyways. I so wish I were able to peel crawfish myself so I’ve decided to put it on my bucket list! I guess I need to start doing some hand exercises together with the NFA workouts because otherwise it will never happen. 😉

While on the subject of bucket list… I’ve actually put it up as a separate page accessible from my blog’s menu. The list is far from done and I will update with more when I think of items. Of course I will also update and strikethrough a goal when I’ve done it.



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