Creating a plan

I love creating plans and getting organized! Colored pens, stickers, scissors etc are so fun to work with and allows for a fun and detailed planning process. The difficult part with planning is sticking to it. 😉

When it comes to my work I have no issues with following through of the plans and tasks set up in order to successfully reach a project milestone. So why is it so hard to do it with my everyday life?

I’ve decided to start thinking about my NFA journey as a project. I have point A and point B so I know my direction and where I want to be in the end. I have set up my goals and quests so all of my milestones are set.

In order to have a better view of my health and fitness schedule I have printed out a calendar and will have the upcoming two months hanging in a place where I always see it and remind me of the upcoming weeks. Each type of activity have it’s own colored post-it flag. Having a post-it instead of writing directly on the paper will allow me to switch in case I need to reschedule something for another day. So far I’ve divided them into:

  • gym class (orange)
  • Meditation/yoga class (pink)
  • meetings with my physiotherapist (yellow)
  • 20 seconds of courage-activates (purple)
  • other fitness activities (blue)

I will add on my activities and a corresponding color when I start doing more exercises. Currently I think it is enough with sticking to gym class, meditation and my power walks. The daily power walks I’ve not included in the calendar though.) I will add on the workouts part of the NFA program in a few months. I’m scheduled to start working again (part time) as of September so I don’t want to plan in too many things right away but rather start slow and add on activities when I feel ready for it. I can’t overwhelm my body as I’m still not feeling 100%.

I’ve also purchased a “training calendar” where I will write down how much I walk and what type of exercises I do daily. The calendar also have a “weekly summary section” which I hope will be useful and a way to easily see how a week has been. I bought a calendar that is small enough so I always can have it in my purse. That way I can update it no matter where I am.

My last items is a journal that I will keep for motivation and tracking of my progress. I’ve written down some of the different mindset quests, measurements, goals etc and will put it in a spot where I always see it.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.




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