Wardrobe adventure

One of the most fun quests of NFA so far have been “How to NOT dress like a SLOB”. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed like a slob though, I’m way too aware of what I put on and how it look on me. I always want to look good, clean and “proper” when I go outside the house, actually, even inside the house… only time I don’t care how I look is when I’m sick. I might not have the most fashionable stuff because I dislike shopping for clothes as I have a hard time finding something that fits perfectly. I usually go to the stores when I really need something new and then I feel I have major issues trying to find something. Obviously I do find clothes because as of yet I’ve never had to leave the house naked! 😉

The 3 areas part of the quest was to 1) think about your posture and 2) clear out the closet and 3) adjust the attitude toward yourself.

Now, that second part was major fun to do! I put ALL items in both of my wardrobes–I have one for everyday clothing and one for summer clothes–on the bed and then I went through each item one by one and sorted them according to keep, toss or give away. I took extra time with the ones to keep and really thought about how it made me feel and when I last used it. Many items I’ve kept only because “I might be able to wear them one day”. Those immediately went into the give away pile. Some items I did keep because I love the style and it will be my motivation for keeping this journey going, for example I bought a fantastic black and silver dress for New Year’s 3 years ago and that one I kept because I’m determined to wear it this year again. I have it hanging in my regular wardrobe so I see it every day.

Now I have all of my clothes in one wardrobe instead of two. In the extra wardrobe I put the few clothes I want to save for later (except the dress mentioned above). Now I only have items that I feel totally comfortable and good in when I wear.

I had 2 pair of jeans which had holes in them and instead of tossing them I cut off the legs and turned them into shorts. Quite short shorts too… major “going outside the comfort zone”-moment for me!

All my clothes on the bed.
Empty wardrobe.
My new very short shorts. 

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