Reflections of August

I’ve now been part of the NFA for 46 days and have made lots of progress in regards to particularly my mindset and nutrition. I have decided my main goals for this journey but decided to make smaller tasks for each month with things I wanted to accomplish. Small steps towards a larger goal!

I’m happy to report that the tasks for August are all completed successfully! I’ve also managed to ignore eating candy or snacks throughout this month, stayed away from liquid calories (only thing I drink which qualifies into this category is cider and juice and even those are on rare occasions so this one was quite easy for me to accomplish). I’ve reached level 8 (only 70 points from level 9 actually!) of the NF level. As far as food I’m on level 6 now. Also that one was easy as we’ve eaten Paleoish for quite some time so omitting certain foods (carbs, sweets, pasta, bread) as the levels tell you was not difficult for me. I’ve also completely omitted dairy for the last few weeks as even lactose free products causes issues. I’ve felt much better the last 3 weeks.

I’ve started using Evernote instead of tracking everything in a journal which was my first plan. I figure a digital “bullet journal” will allow me the freedom of editing and updating no matter where I am without having to carry a notebook in my purse all the time. Much more convenient for me!

Skärmavbild 2016-09-01 kl. 21.10.37

And here are the September tasks! I might add some more items during the next few days or week, but this is what the plan looks like right now:

Skärmavbild 2016-09-01 kl. 21.12.04



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