20 seconds of courage – September edition

I had decided to do this month’s quest this weekend already in order to have it over and done with. My husband is leaving for a longer business trip in two weeks and I wanted us to do it together. Another reason for doing it now already was that just the thought of the activity made me a little nervous to say the least as I’m afraid of heights… my choice this month was to go on the SkyView (a gondola ride to the top of the Globe Arena, 130 metres above sea level)! I think the photos speaks for themselves…

The gondola of the SkyView
I’m ready! Just remember, don’t look down!!!
Almost at the top!
Nice view towards downtown Stockholm.
Going back down again!
Hey… I said DON’T LOOK DOWN!!!
We’re safe on the ground again!

And here is a video from the ride:

SkyView at Ericsson Globe from Cecilia Magnusson on Vimeo.

Now, I need to start thinking about my October activity! So far I have no clue… 😀


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