Reward yourself!

In order to follow through of the different things I’ve set up as goals I have set up a reward system for myself. (This is also something which is encourage as part of the NFA and one of the quests is actually related to setting up rewards for yourself). Originally I thought these rewards where a little tricky, not that I couldn’t think of anything particular I wanted but rather because I’ve always just purchased something I need. Now I’ve tried to change my mindset a little and instead of just buying something I want/need I should work for it. 🙂  I’ve not set up rewards for every goal I have, it’s mainly for the ones I feel requires some extra work and attention.

I decided to break down my rewards depending on what the goal is. For example, if the goal is food related I’ll buy something for the kitchen. Goals related to training and meditation will have rewards related to that and for my weight goals I’ve decided to just treat myself to something special such as a manicure, spa treatment etc. I only have 4 weight goal marks, and the first one I hit last week!

Two weeks ago I achieved my one month with no candy and for that I decided to buy new trivets for the kitchen. I’m a home decor nerd so I thought that the arrival of the Fall season required some updated design to what I had previously. Not that the new ones are particularly Fall like, but it’s a new design and look in the kitchen at least.

The new trivets and a marble cutting board. Originally I had planned 3 trivets but when I found the marble cutting board I just fell in love with it. 

Two days ago I hit another goal as well… I’ve now been doing daily meditation for a month. For that my reward is a meditation cushion, but as of yet I’ve not managed to figure out which one I want. I need to find a place where I can go and actually take a look at the different styles and try them out.

I keep track of my goals using an app called “Countdown Days Since, Days Until” that can be downloaded for free in the app store. This exact version don’t exist for Android but I’m sure there are similar apps available there. I’m not keeping track of everything here. Most of my goals I just check off in Evernote and don’t really need to count the days.








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