Reflections of September

Ohh… we’re 9 days into the month of October and I realized I’ve forgotten to post my progress report. 😦 Actually I’ve forgotten to post in quite a while, or maybe I should rather say I’ve prioritised other things! 😉

I’m happy to report that the tasks I set up for September have all been completed successfully! Go me!! 🙂


I’m back to work 2 hours a day as of 6 weeks ago and it has been lots of fun to see my co-workers again and also being able to get some kind of normal routine into my life. I’m far from ready to start working more though… some days these 2 hours totally drain me where as other days goes quite smoothly. I’m scheduled to work 2 hours a day throughout the month of October as well and I feel quite relieved that I didn’t need to work hard in convincing my doctor about it. I though that he was going to push me to work 50% but he listened to me and agreed that working 25% is all I can manage right now.

So my days right now consist of 2 hour work, maybe lunch with a one of my co-workers and then I head home. I usually rest a bit in the afternoon before I either workout or do something else productive. I’ve started to read a little bit and it works fine for a while and then the brain fog hits and I have no idea what I’m reading anymore. 😦 I’ve come to the realisation though that I do need to practice and try focusing and concentrating on things at least for a little bit each day.

Here are my tasks for October:




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