31 days of yoga

I’m happy to say that I successfully completed the December Yoga Challenge of 31 consecutive days of  yoga. Those of you that follow me on Instagram have surely seen my progress throughout the month.

I did have some challenges due to my hip and a cortisone injection but I decided to stick to the schedule and do what I could do anyway. So, the normal yoga session turned into chair yoga and poses that did not cause tension and pressure on the right side of my hip.

Quite soon into the challenge I started using our sauna for my yoga sessions. I’ve attended hot yoga at the gym previously and liked it a lot and suddenly it just hit me that I should try to do it in our sauna. I had no idea that there is something called “sauna yoga” which I found out when I searched a little online. The only limitation with our sauna is that its fairly small so not all kinds of poses are possible to do. The normal sessions that I follow through YouTube or Nerd Fitness Yoga was out of the questions since I for obvious reasons can’t bring my computer or iPhone into the sauna. Instead, I found an app called “Yoga studio by Gaiam” where I could design my own session based on the poses I 1) can do in the sauna and 2) suits my hip. I just put the iPhone on high enough volume so I can follow the session even though the phone is located outside of the sauna.

The last three weeks of the challenge I did my yoga session at 6 am in the morning (on weekdays, 2-3 hours later on weekends) and it has turned out to become a fantastic start to my day and I’ve continued with my morning yoga even now when the challenge has ended. I might not going force myself to do it daily but I will try. 🙂 My aim will be to do morning yoga at least on the days when I go to work.




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