Reflections of October

The month of October didn’t turn out as planned. The first two weeks were good and I was on track but then my hip started to give me issues and it was impossible for me to continue with my workouts. I called the hospital and last week I was there for a cortisone shot. I’m still not back to 100% but I’m hoping I can get back to my workouts shortly. I have to confess, I kinda miss them! 🙂

My tasks for October I have now transfered to November instead. They are marked with a * (star). I’ve also added 2 new tasks.


I might not have succeeded with my tasks, but I’m still counting October as a good month though. I had a meeting with a physical trainer at the Pain Clinic and she gave me a TENS machine I got borrow. It works wonders for the pain in my hands and wrists. When I have it on I don’t feel any pain at all. Before I got the cortisone shot I actually used it if I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep due to the pain.

Another good thing is that I finally was able to start with Metoject (Methotrexate as injection. Its a low-dose chemotherapy. I’m getting 0.3ml (or 15mg) per week). Last week I visited the hospital and a nurse showed me how to inject. Yesterday I took my second injection at home. I’ve taken this medicine before but then as pills and suffered from severe nausea. When my rheumatologist suggested to start with it again to see if it would help all the pain I have I said yes on the condition I could get it as injection instead. So far I’ve not had any major side effects. Last week I noticed headache, extra tiredness, loss of appetite and sensitivity to smells for the first 24 hours. So far this week, I’m just noticing headache and tiredness. I’ve decided to work from home every Wednesday as of now. That will give me time to rest more if needed. What I don’t like about this medication is that it is much easier to get infections. I remember how easily I got sick the last time I was on this medication. I’m getting quite paranoid when sitting in the subway or bus and people around me are coughing and sneezing. So many ignore that they are sick and go to work/school instead of staying at home. I’ve decided to take the flu shot this year, and also my husband have decided to do it just because I’m on this medication. Actually a co-worker of mine told me yesterday that she will take the flu shot as well as we’re sitting in these same room. She has never done it previously so it’s very sweet of her to decide to do so. I’m grateful that they are trying to protect me from getting sick. I will try to find other methods to make sure I don’t get sick too, maybe I should start with the “gold milk” again!