A slippery world


Winter has arrived… in the beginning of November! We got 40 cm of snow in one day earlier this week. Apparently it’s the heaviest snow fall in the month of November in over 100 years. I was lucky enough to it happened on the day I’m working from home so I didn’t be outside in the chaos of snowflakes, stranded cars, and a city where all buses was cancelled and trains was on a much irregular schedule. All I had to do, was sitting inside enjoying the beautiful world outside. 😉

I like winter and snow and cold. It is pretty plus that the otherwise so dark months turn a little lighter. On top of that my joints actually prefer when it is colder rather then having the temperature go up and down around 0 degree C. This week though my love of winter came to a halt… within 4 days I fell TWICE! The first time it was not too bad but I did get ugly bruise on my knee plus that my hip started to complain again. Especially annoying since I got the cortisone injection two weeks ago and it had finally started to feel OK. The second fall happened two days ago and I’m considering myself lucky that I didn’t have to visit the hospital. All I remember is that I was standing still and a crossroad waiting for a green light and suddenly I was laying on my back on the ground. A man rushed to my side and wondered how I was doing. For quite some time (probably not more than 10-15 seconds but it felt like “forever”) I couldn’t even move and I told him so. It hurt so much and I was unsure if I would be able to stand up. I did manage to stand up though and both the first guy and another one that had arrived as well wondered how I was doing. I said I was fine–I figured that if I was able to stand up by myself and walk despite the pain it wasn’t too much wrong with me–and continued the 20 meters I had left to the restaurant where I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch. After our lunch I meet my husband in town and we went home together. It was too scared to walk on the slippery roads by myself plus that it hurt too, no matter if I was still or moving.

Two days after my fall I’m still in pain although it is better than it has been. The tailbone is the worst… and I’m having trouble when bending my body, but I’m doing much better than I could even imagine.

I have now purchased new shoes from Icebug that have studded soles. I’ve used them both yesterday on my way home from the store and today when we went grocery shopping. They are perfect! Now I’m ready for winter!

My new Icebug winter shoes! ❤