Recipe: Dijon Chicken

A few years ago I bought a crock pot. I’d actually read about them already when we lived in the US but never purchased one. I tried it the first time shortly after I bought it, but then it has just been standing in one of my kitchen cabinets collecting dust. 2 weeks ago I decided it was time to change that! So far I’ve used it twice and I have just picked out a new recipe for this weekend!

Two weeks ago I made a deer stew and found a recipe that was not for a crock pot so I modified a bit. For a first try in a very long time it turned out quite good, but last week I decided to find a recipe made for a crock pot. I was quite set on trying chicken this time around so that narrowed down the recipe choices a little bit at least.
Here are links do the recipe I used: Swedish recipe and English recipe

The ingredients
Dijon chicken ready to be enjoyed.

The recipe turned out good although the next time I will add more spices than what the recipe calls for. The chicken turned out really tender, I would actually call it “pulled chicken” as it fell apart even more easily than pulled pork. 🙂

Now I just need to learn that it is possible to leave the house while the crock pot is doing its work. 😉