December Yoga Challenge

The past months have not been good as far as my monthly goals/tasks. My hip has given me problems (still does even though I got a cortisone shot at the end of October) and my fall a few weeks back caused problems with my tail bone. On top of that I’m experiencing problems with side effects due to my new medication Metoject I take every week. So, I’ve decided to completely scale back on my monthly goals and start fresh next year when hopefully my body is in a better mood.

I have decided though to take part in a December yoga challenge held by the Nerd Fitness team. I figured that despite my issues I should be able to do some type of yoga each day and I will choose what to do depending on how I feel each day. The goal of the challenge is to do yoga for at least 10 minutes a day and then collect points for each day you have completed it. The more consecutive days the higher the point. Sharing the journey on Facebook, Instagram etc gives extra points. At the end of December all points are calculated and the top 3 get some type of reward. I’m not part of it to compete for the reward, my goal is rather to finally get up to speed with my yoga plus to actually be able to do something despite the issues I currently have with my body.

Yesterday I did a 15 minute yoga session focused on the back and hip. I thought it went perfectly fine, but when I was going to bed in the evening I could barely lay down because it hurt so much. Took me a long time to manage to rest and go to sleep. 😦 Obviously not the best yoga for me… I particularly need to be careful with the poses specifically targeted for the hip.

Today I woke up with a bad headache and I decided to try something called restorative yoga because I figured it might help the headache. I found a 12-minute video on YouTube that I decided to try. Well, it didn’t help the headache at all, but I did manage to get my yoga session in today too. 😉 Go me!

So, two days completed now! And I’ve just decided to reward myself with finally setting up a little yoga area in our home gym if I successfully complete the challenge! Stay tuned for progress reports! 🙂




20 seconds of courage – September edition

I had decided to do this month’s quest this weekend already in order to have it over and done with. My husband is leaving for a longer business trip in two weeks and I wanted us to do it together. Another reason for doing it now already was that just the thought of the activity made me a little nervous to say the least as I’m afraid of heights… my choice this month was to go on the SkyView (a gondola ride to the top of the Globe Arena, 130 metres above sea level)! I think the photos speaks for themselves…

The gondola of the SkyView
I’m ready! Just remember, don’t look down!!!
Almost at the top!
Nice view towards downtown Stockholm.
Going back down again!
Hey… I said DON’T LOOK DOWN!!!
We’re safe on the ground again!

And here is a video from the ride:

SkyView at Ericsson Globe from Cecilia Magnusson on Vimeo.

Now, I need to start thinking about my October activity! So far I have no clue… 😀

Wardrobe adventure

One of the most fun quests of NFA so far have been “How to NOT dress like a SLOB”. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed like a slob though, I’m way too aware of what I put on and how it look on me. I always want to look good, clean and “proper” when I go outside the house, actually, even inside the house… only time I don’t care how I look is when I’m sick. I might not have the most fashionable stuff because I dislike shopping for clothes as I have a hard time finding something that fits perfectly. I usually go to the stores when I really need something new and then I feel I have major issues trying to find something. Obviously I do find clothes because as of yet I’ve never had to leave the house naked! 😉

The 3 areas part of the quest was to 1) think about your posture and 2) clear out the closet and 3) adjust the attitude toward yourself.

Now, that second part was major fun to do! I put ALL items in both of my wardrobes–I have one for everyday clothing and one for summer clothes–on the bed and then I went through each item one by one and sorted them according to keep, toss or give away. I took extra time with the ones to keep and really thought about how it made me feel and when I last used it. Many items I’ve kept only because “I might be able to wear them one day”. Those immediately went into the give away pile. Some items I did keep because I love the style and it will be my motivation for keeping this journey going, for example I bought a fantastic black and silver dress for New Year’s 3 years ago and that one I kept because I’m determined to wear it this year again. I have it hanging in my regular wardrobe so I see it every day.

Now I have all of my clothes in one wardrobe instead of two. In the extra wardrobe I put the few clothes I want to save for later (except the dress mentioned above). Now I only have items that I feel totally comfortable and good in when I wear.

I had 2 pair of jeans which had holes in them and instead of tossing them I cut off the legs and turned them into shorts. Quite short shorts too… major “going outside the comfort zone”-moment for me!

All my clothes on the bed.
Empty wardrobe.
My new very short shorts. 

Food tracking

There are three modules part of the Nerd Fitness Academy (NFA): Mindset, Nutrition and Workouts. The mindset module I’ve done several quests for already and the workouts I’m just starting to take a look at this week. The Nutrition module feels like the easiest one for me. I mean, I know what is good to eat and what is not. I’m fully aware of calories in/out, portion sizes etc. I also know what food my body do not appreciate and limiting those makes both my stomach and my joints happier.

The food tracking quests are all related to keeping a daily food log and writing down or taking pictures of everything you eat. Two of the quests I finished quickly as it only required keeping a log for 3 and then 7 days. As of August 1st I’m now working on the 30 day log. I’m writing everything on a piece of paper, the most convenient would be to have an app on my phone but all apps I’ve found turns to counting calories… 😦  I’ve done that before, several years ago, and I don’t like that kind of tracking. Yes, I did loose weight and it’s a good way to start when trying to be aware of what you eat, but at this point in my life I’m not interested in counting every single calorie I put in my mouth.

As I’m a person who love taking photos of food and sharing on Instagram I’m really looking forward to the next food tracking quest which is sharing a daily food log for 14 days. I don’t want to work on too many quests at the same time so that quest will have to wait until the 30 day quest is over. 🙂 Obviously I’m still going to post food pics on Instagram… I can’t help myself… 😉 If I eat something good, or visit a restaurant, or just figure out a nice way to present a meal in a photo I will share it not matter a quest or not!

Yesterday’s food: Egg, bacon and avocado (breakfast); Salmon sushi (lunch); crawfish and Västerbotten cheese pie (dinner). 

20 seconds of courage – August edition

One of the mindset quests part of Nerd Fitness Academy is “20 seconds of courage”. The quest calls for doing one thing you’ve always wanted to do but been too scared of doing. I quickly decided to create a larger goal out of this quest and do one new activity once a month for the next six months. The first quest was easy… Segway ride! I’ve thought about it so many times but always chickened out because my balance is crappy. Last week in the subway I saw an ad that they rented out Segways in Hagaparken in Stockholm and thought it was perfect timing. It’s a huge park around Haga Palace and I figured that would be better than renting one in town.

Today is my husband’s birthday and late yesterday we decided to do the Segway ride today.  Good as I didn’t have too much time to get nervous… 😉 We rented the Segway for one hour and headed out into the park. It was much easier to find the balance than I thought. Going downhill was the most scary as the Segway quickly got higher speed and it felt awkward to lean back to apply the breaks as I felt like I would fall backwards. The hour passed by too quickly and suddenly it was time to return it. I had a fantastic time though and will definitely do it again in the future.

The first of the six activities – Done! Ready for the next one, I think… 😉

Our Segways
The proof – me on the Segway! 🙂